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High Lift Stackers

Buy a STILL stacker truck; flexible right down to the fork tips

STILL stacker trucks - your helper in shelf management

STILL stacker trucks are compact vehicles designed for the horizontal transport of loads, as well as for lifting, stacking and retrieval - even from a height of more than 6 meters above the ground.

The electric stacker truck from the STILL online shop has a multitude of advantages to offer; a maximum load capacity of up to 2 tonnes, availability with different mast heights, high residual capacities and an ergonomic design. STILL stackers enable you to effortlessly and efficiently unpack the most common types of loads on the lower floors of shelving systems. When you buy an electric pallet truck from STILL, you can also opt for an electric forklift truck which can be tailored to individual needs with its nominal load, maximum lifting height, speed and battery capacity.

Where are electric forklifts used?

Compact forklifts from the STILL Shop are suitable for unloading transport vehicles and other areas of application that require driving on ramps. The ability to lift loads just a few meters upwards distinguishes these compact forklifts from pallet and lift trucks. This is useful when the storage density needs to be increased in the buffer zone where pallets go directly into the warehouse. When buying forklifts with telescopic masts, you can place goods not only on the floor and on the first floor of the shelf, but also on pallet spaces on higher-level shelves if necessary. The number of pallets on the available storage space can be increased several times.

The ECV 10 C pedestrian stacker is a flexible all-rounder with a lifting height of 1,867 mm and is suitable for light stacking tasks. With a lifting height of up to 3,227 mm and a load capacity of 1,000 kg, the STILL ECV 10 is perfect for light stacking applications where things have to go a little higher. The EXV 12 lifts up to 4,386 mm and carries up to 1.2 tonnes. The built-in OPTISPEED drawbar automatically adjusts the travel speed of the truck.

When is it worth buying a stacker truck with a drawbar?

Pedestrian stacker trucks with a tiller are an ideal solution for unloading delivery trucks, transporting goods in buffer zones and placing goods on shelves. The maximum travel speed is roughly equivalent to walking speed, which makes these pedestrian stackers particularly useful for transporting loads over short distances. All pedestrian stacker trucks offered in the STILL online shop are equipped with an ergonomic, symmetrical drawbar and the load movement can be carried out equally well by left and right-handed operators.

If you decide to buy a STILL pallet stacker, the operator hardly needs to use any effort to operate the electric forklift which means physical strain is minimized. Processes that are carried out with tiller-guided stackers are also not subject to the regulations for manual transport.

What should you look out for when buying an electric stacker truck?

Regardless of which electric high-lift truck you ultimately choose when to buy, there are always some basic factors to consider. This includes the maximum lift height and the rated load, because these determine how much weight can be safely transported by a pallet stacker. When choosing a forklift from the STILL online shop, you should also pay attention to the battery capacity, the maximum speed of travel, the speed of raising and lowering the forks, and the energy consumption. All tiller-operated forklifts that can be bought in the STILL online shop automatically adjust to the speed of pedestrians and do not exceed 6 km/h.