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The offers a large selection of used forklifts. We have over 30 used STILL trucks to choose from throughout the UK. In the UK, there are an average of around 500 used forklifts available and your premium forklift can be on its way to your warehouse in days. The advantage of a used forklift is that it is available quickly.

Our used storage equipment, including used forklifts, is thoroughly checked and overhauled by our service technicians. Refurbishments are carried out with STILL Original Parts® and ensure the high quality and reliability of your forklift truck.

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The purchase of a forklift is often an investment that should be based on important factors with regards to your requirements for the use of the used device. Depending on the type and purpose, forklifts are used in different areas. In general, however, forklifts are an important basis for the handling and transport of goods.

There are six categories to choose from, which you can further narrow down by capacity, lifting height, year of manufacture and price. Matching used devices are filtered below. The offer in the is very large, and more used pallet trucks are constantly being added for sale. The list of used vehicles can be expanded below by clicking on the "show more results" button. Select a forklift. You can view further details and contact, call or email directly.

What to look out for when buying a used forklift

Of course, a used one is cheaper than a new forklift, but it's still an investment. Due to the increased productivity that a forklift brings with it, this pays for itself within a short time. There are various models to choose from in the, so that your requirements can be specified:

  • Which goods are to be transported and lifted? Enter the desired load capacity!
  • How high should it be stacked or lifted? Enter the desired lifting height!
  • What type of drive do you want?
  • Do you want us to deliver the used forklift?

Forklifts are an indispensable part of any warehouse. Due to the large variety of used forklifts in the shop, you will always find one that exactly suits your needs. In addition, we offer a guarantee on the used forklifts, the duration of which depends on the condition of the device.

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The categories for evaluating the quality of used forklifts and lifting equipment in the shop

Our used storage equipment and forklifts are thoroughly checked by our service technicians. All overhauls are carried out using STILL original spare parts, so that you can rely on the quality and reliability of your "new" forklift. Thanks to our transparent categorisation system, you always know exactly what you will get: The condition of the used truck is rated in the categories of bronze, silver or gold. This is a system with which we classify every used forklift truck in Europe according to technology, warranty, paintwork, age and battery properties.

You don't have to worry that the used forklift in the shop doesn't meet STILL's strict quality requirements. Buying a used forklift is always a safe and reliable purchase.

We would be happy to advise you on our used equipment in the!

Now take advantage of the wide range of products for used forklifts. Whether it's used warehouse equipment, electric or diesel forklifts, the will be happy to advise you in all areas! With our broad portfolio, we have the opportunity to meet individual requests for STILL forklifts and vehicles without any problems.