Low Lift Pallet Trucks

Low Lift Pallet Trucks

STILL low lift pallet trucks from the online shop.

Buying electric pallet trucks; innovative power packs with high turnover

Electric pallet trucks are used wherever loads become too large or heavy to be handled with manual pallet trucks. Instead of lifting and moving the goods manually, the pallets are transported with an electric lift truck which guarantees fatigue-free work and easy maneuvering. In contrast to hand pallet trucks, electrically powered pallet trucks require little force to move loads. This allows them to be used in the transport of pallets with heavy goods. In the STILL online shop, you will find pedestrian pallet trucks such as the ECH 12 C with a load capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes or the ECH 15 C with a load capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes.

How are pallet trucks powered?

Thanks to the Li-Ion batteries used as standard, the ECH 12 C and ECH 15 C pedestrian pallet trucks offer excellent energy efficiency. The Li-Ion batteries have a longer service life than lead-acid batteries and are also maintenance-free. The Li-Ion batteries from STILL offer the best performance and a long service life - we promise the highest battery quality for up to eight years when you buy them. Li-Ion batteries also do not require an isolated battery room on-site with additional ventilation. The pallet trucks with Li-Ion technology are therefore more convenient and safer to operate than those powered by lead-acid batteries. The following pedestrian pallet trucks are available in the STILL online shop; ECH 12 C and ECH 15 C with a 20 Ah Li-Ion battery and built-in mains charger as standard.

Where does the use of an electric pallet truck make sense?

Electric pallet trucks are used for loads up to 1,500 kg in places where aisles are narrow and space is limited. They are a useful tool for the work of suppliers and couriers, as well as in retail and warehouses. You can buy pedestrian pallet trucks in the STILL online shop for equipment which, due to their low weight, are ideally suited for being carried on larger trucks. For example, the ECH 12 C and ECH 15 C pallet trucks have a total weight of 115 kg.

The truck's tiller head can be adapted to the needs of left or right-handed operators, and a variety of fork dimensions enable the transport of different loads. Due to the emission-free operation, electric pallet trucks are ideally suited for indoor use and storage. The pedestrian pallet truck ECU 16 has a load capacity of up to 3 tonnes. The cleverly positioned crawl speed switch enables precise maneuvering, even with a vertical tiller. This makes the ECU 16 an ideal warehouse helper even in the tightest of spaces.