Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet truck in the STILL online shop: Versatile, robust and reliable

STILL hand pallet trucks are among the simplest and most effective transport solutions for in-house material transport that are often used in intralogistics. Also known as pallet trucks or manual lift trucks, they are among the bestsellers in the STILL online shop.

A typical hand pallet truck is defined by forks and rollers, which are pushed under the pallet by manual maneuvering during use. Since the front wheels are connected to the drawbar and the handpiece, precise maneuvering in tight areas is made possible. Decisive quality factors for the rollers and wheels are good traction and low rolling resistance. The pallet trucks of the STILL HPS / HPT series available in the STILL online shop are characterized by their compact design and solid, durable steel construction. When buying a hand pallet truck from STILL, you can choose between different fork lengths and a lifting platform that can be easily adapted to the most common applications.

What variants of hand pallet trucks are available for sale?

In the STILL online shop you can choose your pallet truck from different variations. These differ in fork length, load capacity, roller set, roller material and fork spacing.

  • Fork length: The fork lengths required will depend on the place of use. For example, short fork lengths of 800 mm are necessary in tght operating spaces. In the STILL Shop you will also find hand pallet trucks with a fork length of up to 2000 mm for sale.
  • Pallet truck rollers: When buying a hand pallet truck, you can choose between simple rollers (single) and tandem rollers, as well as different materials for the rollers, such as nylon or polyurethane. The various options for wheels and castors enable you to equip the pallet truck so it can be operated on ramps, level floors or uneven surfaces. As an all-rounder, polyurethane rolls are the most common roll material. Solid rubber castors enable transport across uneven floors with simultaneous traction. Nylon rollers, on the other hand, are highly abrasion-resistant. You can also buy pallet trucks with material combinations in the STILL Shop.
  • Product type: You can also opt for a lifting or scissor lift. This gives you the opportunity to configure the pallet truck to suit specific applications.
  • Coating: Special surface coatings enable use under specific conditions, such as outdoors or in refrigerated warehouses. The possible uses of a pallet truck from the STILL online shop are diverse; the simple transport of goods from A to B on a single pallet, simultaneous transport of two load carriers, loading and unloading, order picking using a work table, using a scissor platform or a pallet truck with scales.

Buy hand pallet trucks for specific applications

Hand pallet truck with galvanization.

The HPT 25 GA hand pallet truck is manufactured with a galvanized coating, which means that it can be used under humid or cool operating conditions. Electroplating increases the protection against corrosion and reduces wear and tear on the device. This type of hand pallet truck is also ideal for outdoor use in wholesale markets and external warehouses.

Acid-resistant INOX stainless steel for hand pallet trucks.

The HPT 25 ST model made of acid-resistant INOX stainless steel meets the special hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The electropolished surface of the device repels dirt and makes it easier to clean the pallet truck. The pump area is made of durable bronze for resistance against corrosion and the roller bearings are completely sealed against moisture. The load capacity is 2,500 kg.

Pallet truck with scissor lift function.

These hand pallet trucks can be used as lifting platforms or lifting tables thanks to a height-adjustable work platform. The HPT 10 M can lift goods to a height of up to 715 mm. The HPT 10 E has an electric scissor lift function with a standard 1.6 kW lift motor and is also available in the STILL online shop. The advantage is ergonomic lifting and greater ease of use, with simultaneous stability.

Flat hand pallet trucks.

The height of the flat pallet truck HPT 20 FL is just 56.5 mm which means that particularly low load carriers, such as special pallets or packages, can be loaded. The load capacity is 2,000 kg.

When is it worth buying a hand pallet truck?

STILL hand pallet trucks boast a simple and efficient design and are optimized for the purpose of transporting loads over short distances without fatigue. The STILL hand pallet trucks are characterized by efficiency and performance combined with a good price. Purchasing a hand pallet truck can increase handling performance many times over compared to manual handling alone. At the same time, the risk of worker overloading is significantly reduced.

Which companies are the HPT hand pallet trucks from the STILL online shop recommended for?

The main advantage of choosing a standard pallet truck is that no additional permits or training are required to use it. This makes the hand pallet truck a ubiquitous all-rounder for efficiently unloading and moving goods. Many companies that decide to buy hand pallet trucks do so for use in commercial facilities, workshops, production and logistics.