Specialized Attachments

Cranes, booms and hooks for forklift

In a typical application and in a standard configuration, forklifts are not designed to efficiently transport non-standard, oversized and non-palletized loads. However, it is easy to expand their capabilities by using a crane or boom.

The standard forklift trucks are primarily used for the efficient transport of palletised loads weighing up to 8 tonnes. In the case of unusual and bulky loads, it is useful to equip them with additional equipment such as a boom with a hook or a forklift crane. In which applications are they particularly recommended? What types of cranes and booms can be extracted? Which of them are available in the STILL Polska online shop?

What are forklift cranes and hooks used for?

The primary purpose of attachments such as forklift cranes is to expand the capabilities of material handling vehicles. For example, a fork-mounted boom with a hook gives the forklift the functionality of a mobile crane. This type of equipment works well in:

  • movement of steel structures, engines, and machines of various types,
  • handling of construction materials,
  • transport of non-standard loads.

A forklift equipped with a crane is used in the transport of unusual, non-palletized and large loads around a warehouse or industrial plant. Thanks to the installation of a boom, it is possible to functionally enrich the machine park with a device that works well in the transport of bulky packages weighing up to 4.5 tons.

What are the types of forklift cranes?

The basic technical parameters of a forklift boom or crane are:

  • Lifting capacity
  • length
  • swivel angle (in the case of adjustable cranes).

On this basis, a distinction is made between "short" and "long" cranes, as well as adjustable and non-adjustable cranes in terms of tilt angle. Important properties that are also worth paying attention to when choosing a boom for a forklift are: the dimensions of the fork tunnel and the presence of a lock protecting the cranes from slipping off the forks and accidental extension of the telescopic arm with a hook.

Tipping Skips

Among our top-selling attachments are our forklift skips and tipping bins, offering an ideal solution for swiftly and effectively managing factory waste and materials. With a variety of options available, including bins with lids, raised mesh sides, or self-tipping skips, you can trust that we have the perfect forklift tipping skip to meet your needs.