Cleaning & Clearing

Drum Handling Equipment

Here at STILL, we have a number of drum handling equipment ranging from drum grabs, drum tongs, and drum lifters. All of our high quality equipment is used for safe and efficient drum lifting in industrial settings and will help increase safety while reducing costs.

Fork-Mounted Scoops

We offer a diverse range of forklift scoops and buckets tailored to various material handling requirements. Whether you need fork-mounted scoops for loading vans and lorries or under-slung scoops for handling wet sand and gravel, our selection ensures you'll find the perfect fit.

Crafted from durable steel and engineered to excel in challenging environments, our forklift scoops and buckets are essential attachments for transforming your forklift into a versatile loader. With both hydraulic and mechanical variations, we are certain you’ll find the best option to suit your material handling needs.

Winter Forklift Accessories – Ready for Extreme Conditions

Winter conditions can present additional challenges for forklifts. That's why we invite you to discover our Forklift Winter Accessories category, where you'll find essential products that will help you maintain the efficiency and safety of your operations even in harsh weather conditions.

Forklift Mounted Ploughs – Effective Snow Removal and Cleaning

Forklift ploughs are a practical solution for clearing snow from storage areas quickly and efficiently. Thanks to them, you can keep aisles and storage areas in perfect condition, even during heavy snowfall.

Why choose our winter accessories?

1. Adapting to Different Forklift Models

We offer winter accessories that are compatible with various forklift models. Regardless of the specifics of your machine park, you will find the right solutions with us.

2. Robust Construction and Durability

We focus on the reliability and durability of our products. Winter accessories are made of high- quality materials, resistant to weather conditions, which ensures their long-term use.

3. Increasing Safety in Winter Conditions

Using our winter accessories not only improves the efficiency of your forklifts, but also significantly increases the safety of your operations. Traction on snow and ice as well as efficient snow removal are key elements in ensuring safe working conditions.

4. Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Our winter accessories are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. This allows you to quickly prepare your forklifts for winter conditions, without unnecessary time-consuming.

Invest in Forklift Winter Accessories to minimize the impact of harsh weather conditions on your daily work in the warehouse.