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Drum Grab - Mauser - 1

The Mauser drum grab is designed for handling ‘egg-shaped’ 210 litre plastic drums.

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Product Information

Full automatic in operation, the mauser drum handler is designed to grip and secure the drum via its base during lifting. An upright support section adds additional stability to the drum.

The ideal attachment for safely handling tapered ‘egg-shaped’ Mauser drums or drums where the base diameter is smaller than the drum diameter.

Suitable for use with 210 litre Mauser (egg-shaped) plastic drums and other drums where the base diamter is smaller than the drum diameter

*Large fork pockets accommodating most forklift forks allows for simple ‘drive in’ operation

*Simple design with few moving parts allows for minimum maintenance and service costs

*Fully automatic in operation, reduces manual handling time and costs

*Zinc plated screw clamps safely retains the attachment to the truck forks

*‘CE’ marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for health & safety regulations