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Truck Cam

Intelligent Truck Cam from STILL - gives all around visibility and remote access to ensure full transparency of the operator and the tasks they are undertaking. For all installations and requirements, contact us directly on: 0345 603 6827

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Product Information

Not only has this camera got an unrivalled secure memory storage system but also includes a reversing camera that is automatically activated as part of the package.

Installation available at an additional cost. To request a quote, please contact:

  • Opportunity to review Health & Safety concerns (live or historic).
  • The identification of opportunities for improvement which could support with the reduction of damage to trucks, stock and premises.
  • No need to recover data directly from the truck with the use of its remote Wi-Fi access facility.
  • Gives the operator an additional driving aid. ## Technical data
  • 4CH 1080P DVR (incl Wi-Fi function)
  • 2 x side cameras
  • 1 x rear camera
  • 1 x front camera, all waterproof with low light vision
  • 4 x 5 meter extension cords
  • 1 x 2.5 inch HDD/SSD 500GB fitted
  • 1 x microphone and other accessories
  • Easy to mount and install.
  • Built-in G-sensor module. Recognizes sudden movements i.e. hard acceleration, sudden stops, speeding and impacts.
  • Records footage while vehicle is off– up to 48 hours (power from vehicle's battery).
  • 7 inch IPS VGA Monitor
  • IPS screen - clear image at any perspective. Adjustable colour and contrast.
  • Special file management system to encrypt and protect the data.
  • Proprietary technology to detect the bad track of the hard drive which ensures the continuity of video and prolongs service life of the hard drive.
  • Support SD card storage.
  • Setting the “alarm function” will allow for reverse camera / monitor set up (whilst other cameras continue to record).
  • Extension cord (1m USB extension cord).